images (6)Tile and grout cleaning is an important cleaning process to restore and clean natural stone, tile, grout, or other hard surfaces in your home or business. There is an 8-step cleaning process involved to ensure that your tile and flooring will be safely cleaned and look as good as new:


1. Flooring is inspected and surfaces are pre-cleaned to remove any debris.

2. The tile and grout is pre-treated with a non-toxic cleaning solution. This helps soften the soils embedded in the grout on the surface of the tile. This heated solution is applied and then sets for 10-15 minutes.

3. The solution is agitated into the grout lines and on the surface of the tile.

4. The tile is cleaned and extracted using a trailer-mounted pressure washing system that is specifically designed to clean tile,grout, and other hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, and stone. This system can generate water pressure between 100-3,000 PSI. It power washes the surfaces, blasting away soils, grease, or food from the pores of the stone, tile, and ground. Dirty water is vacuumed back to the cleaning trailer, leaving the surface almost completely dry.

5. Any areas that didn’t coimages (7)me clean with the pressure washing will be spot-cleaned with a low PH tile and grout cleaning solution.

6. The surfaces are then speed-dried with high-powered air movers

7. Areas are inspected after they are completely dry.

8. Sealant is applied, using either a clear sealant or color sealant of your choice. This makes the tile virtually stain-proof and gives it a uniform color, blocking out any pre-existing stains in the grout. This process makes your floor look new again.